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In the Genes

Went to two soccer games on Saturday for Isaac and Ari.  The whole family decided to go out for lunch together.  Isaac rode with Carrie and me.  As we pulled into the restaurant parking lot, two cars were backing out.  I waited for one and pulled into the space.  As we got out of the car, Isaac and I both said, “One of us should stand in the other space so that Mommy and Daddy have a place to park.”  Simultaneously, we said the same line.

Genetics.  It is wonderful.

An Evening With The Boys

My dear friends Ken and Pauline invited me, Isaac and Ari over for dinner.  They had sparkling cider for the boys, wine for us.  We all drank out of wine glasses.  During dinner, the conversation had a political theme at times and I wondered if the boys were bored.  After dinner, Ken invited to boys to his music room.  Ken is a wonderful guitarist.  They went and Pauline and I chatted with a background of guitar music from upstairs.  I later discovered that Isaac and Ari had played electric guitar and ukulele.

I was so appreciative that we each had an environment that was enriching and enjoyable.

It is nice to share our interests.


My grandson’s Bar Mitzvah was this weekend.  Lots of family came to town.  Many I have not seen in years.  We spent a lot of time together.  It was delightful sharing memories and updates in our lives.  There was no awkwardness or stress.  Some of the pairings could have been so.

When there is a celebration and everyone chooses to be involved and interact in a positive way, it is a treat.

I must admit that I would not have wanted to do this for another day.

The timing, four days, sufficed.


I was working and the doorbell rang.  I went to the door and a boy around three-years-old was on the porch.  A man on the sidewalk said to him, “Hurry and come to me.”  I thought the boy had just playfully rung my doorbell.  As he walked down the steps, I began to close the door.  As I did, the man said, “No.  There are flowers there.”  I opened the screen door and notice a bouquet.  I thanked him, took the flowers and went inside.

That was why the boy had rung the bell.

The flowers were from my daughter wishing me a wonderful entry into a new phase of my life.

It is so meaningful to have loving people in my life.

Free Labor

Isaac and Ari came over the other day with Mom and Dad to help do some things around the house.  I asked them to wash my car.  They have done this before, but not for a long time.

I was informed that, should I choose to do so, they would detail the car.  Did I have a portable vacuum?  Yes.  I reflected on it, and decided the car was in good shape in the interior and I did not need to have them do it.

They arranged the hose, got the bucket with soap and water, and used two towels.  They dampened the car, put on the soap, and rinsed it.  They put the hose away.

They did a great job on the outside and I look forward to a future use of their time!

Fun With Carrie

I was given a gift certificate to a nail salon.  Carrie and I were going to the theater and decided to precede that by getting manicures and pedicures.  I am the sharing mother.

We were having the pedicures and discovered we had different wants.  I wanted no polish on my toes and Carrie wanted none on her hands.  In the midst of having our pedicures, Carrie said, “I am winning this round.”  I realized her pedicure was going to be finished before mine.  I said, “I did not know we were having a competition.  I am not competitive.”

We then had our manicures.  I finished first and said, “I won.”

I lied about being competitive.  With my own daughter, oh, my.

Keep in mind, Carrie you suggested these blogs.

Leave The Room, Please

The family was at my son’s home for a holiday dinner. The core family arrived early to watch the Michigan-Loyola basketball playoff game.  Everyone was wearing their U of M shirts.  We watched the first half and Michigan was losing.

I went into the kitchen to see if I could be of help preparing the meal.  It occurred to me that I have often watched a game of one of the teams from Michigan (which I consider home) and it has been pointed out that the teams loose if I watch.  It can be noted because I watch few sporting events, even those from Michigan.

I said nothing, but I stayed in the kitchen (or bedroom or bathroom) for the second half.

Michigan won.  My contribution.


I went to my son’s home for Passover.  The whole family was there.  Erik began by mentioning that their Rabbi had encouraged them to be creative with the service that proceeds the dinner.  She had indicated that the book that is written for the service did not need to be followed literally.

Ari, age nine, decided to write original questions as an alternative to the four in the book.  When we came to that part of the service, he read what he had written, and I was deeply touched.

The first question, which we discussed later, was “How do you experience being free?”

In light of the fact that Passover celebrates the exodus of Jews from slavery in Egypt, it certainly was appropriate.  The answers reflected personal senses of freedom, as well as political ones.  It was a very profound and touching discussion.

As we learn more all the time, leave it to a child.

A Wonderful Goodbye

I was at a dinner last night with three other couples.  The eight of us have been getting together once a month for a long time.  We rotate homes.  One of the couples is divorcing, and last night was the final time the eight would be together.  The male of the divorcing couple is leaving California.

The host led a toast as we began the meal.  She turned to the man who is leaving and said, “I wish you the best as you move into the next chapter of your life.”  She then turned to the woman and said, “I wish you the best as you move into the next chapter of your life.”

It was a very sensitive acknowledgement and recognized the reality of our last time as a group of eight.   Well done.


When my mother died, it occurred to me that I never got recipes from the few things I liked that she made. Yep, she was not a good cook.

When my son moved into his first apartment in college, he asked me for two recipes, my spaghetti sauce and a cherry chicken dish.

Recently I went to his home for dinner.  He served a chili he had made.  It was unique and wonderful.  It was spicy, my preference, but my one grandson could not add enough sour cream to make it palatable.

One of my daughters told me she made the chili and loved it.  I told my son I was going to need to get the recipe.  My plan was to ask for it this week when I go there for dinner.

Today I spoke with my daughter who was eating it as we talked.  I told her my plan to get the recipe.  She said, I can send it to you now and will have it faster than waiting to ask Erik.

And so it goes, we return the favor over time.