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I have been walking the same four routes for a year now. It did not clearly occur to me until this week that I pay no attention to what is on the other side of the street. I focus on the sidewalk and little else. It is mindfulness time. Maybe this year my awareness will expand.

Not likely.

I Love Technology

Not. Computer started crashing. My IT guy was over twice. Looking for a virus. Nothing came up. Went on a regimen of avoiding one program at a time. Changed mouse. Changed USB connector. Stopped playing Scrabble. Stopped playing games. Restarted computer many times. Still trying to identify the problem. Take it into Geek Squad and lose access to my computer for a few days. Oh, my. Trying to avoid.

Well, I was able to write this.

The Family Grows

Harold, my first grandpuppy, now has a cousin, Pippin. I was honored to meet Pippin just two days after he was rescued by Erik, Ellen, Isaac, and Ari. He is working to acclimate; his background is unknown. He is beautiful and sweet. It will be great to get the boys together. We need this pandemic to pass and Julie will drive up with Harold.

It is nice to have good news.


Had brunch at Erik’s for my birthday. I was given a pot of hydrangeas which was a beautiful gift from everyone including Julie who could not be there. Erik made a frittata and crescent rolls and Isaac made a berry crunch for dessert. They also provided a very hot salsa for me. I was told to take it home. It was all yummy. The boys made birthday cards with intimate messages.

Touching touches.


I talked to Isaac the other day and asked how he was.  He said, “Excellent.”  I pointed out that, during the pandemic, most are not feeling that way.  He told me that he had received the holiday money my daughters and I sent him and he had just invested it in a stock he was very optimistic about.   

I relish his way of being in the world.

Birthday Celebration

There are two men I went to high school with, in Michigan, who invited me to celebrate our birthdays together since I moved to California nine years ago.  We have met in restaurants.  The plan this year was for one to initiate a virtual lunch with his program, not Zoom.  I clicked on the link, saw both, but I was not visible.  When I clicked on the cue to become visible, my name appeared a second time and my voice began to echo.  The man who was not the host, could not be heard.  You name it, we tried it, including beginning again.  It never worked. We are trying again with the other man’s Zoom in March.

I did eat my salad. 

New Adventure

As I walked this morning, the wind was over 40 mph.  It is garbage pick up day, and canisters were tipped everywhere.  Trash was flying.  As I walked North and West, I was walking into the wind. Will this contribute to burning more calories.  

Thinking while walking.  


As I stepped into the shower today, I realized I had not shaved my legs in a while. It is winter, my legs are covered, and I see few people during the pandemic anyway. And then the possibility of contracting the virus occurred to me. What if I end up in a hospital?

I shaved.


Walked, as I do every day now, on one of my four paths. Something was different. I realized that finally, everyone had removed their holiday lights and decorations. The inflatables were down. The trees were in the street for garbage pickup.

Another holiday season over.

Thank You?

All of us will have this problem at some time in our lives. There is a good chance we will have it a few or many times. What do we do when we receive a gift we do not like? Dare we tell anyone and seem ungrateful? If we are in front of the gift giver, do we smile and verbalize our appreciation and feel fraudulent? Do we pass the gift forward? Do we return it?

I still have not mastered this.