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Pie Again

I posted a while back about making a pie that Erik chose not to share when I gave him the leftovers.  I made an ice cream pie for Julie this weekend as she came for a visit.  She commented that she wished Isaac and Ari could have some.  They were coming over for a party at my home that night, so I called and invited them to sleep over.  They did.

Guess what they had for breakfast the next morning?


I go to the gym three times a week.  I spend much time watching people.  There are couples who work out together or, at least, come at the same time. There are a few that draw my attention.  I am aware that the men always walk in front or the women, even when not walking single file.  There is one man who comes from the weight room and walks over to the woman on the treadmill.  He nods, she gets off the treadmill, and they walk to the front door.  He hands her his bag.  He opens the front door and exits in front of her.  She follows, bag in hand.

I have remained quiet.


I go to the gym three days a week at the same time.  I see many of the same people each time, but I have never talked to them.  I know their patterns.  I was aware that one woman I saw each time was not there for a long time.  When she returned, I was walking past her and I mentioned that I had not seen her for a long time.  She said she had foot surgery and was gone for three months.  For a few days, we smiled and said hello.  As I was leaving one day, she asked me my name and introduced me to another man she was talking to.

I now know the names of two people I have seen for almost two years.


I went to a mixer for one of the business groups I belong to.  I do these things to network.  I am focused on maintaining referrals for my practice.  Due to work, I was a bit late and I discovered two dear friends were already there.  I had invited them.  I joined them at their table and sat there the entire time.  I was aware there were unfamiliar faces at the event, probably people worth meeting as I seek to network.  I did not.

I will never master this process, I suspect.


I was engaged in a conversation with my daughter and her friend about pillows.  Julie specializes in this subject as she has likely tried all pillows in her pursuit of one she likes.  I disclosed that I have had my pillow for over 40 years and the looks on their faces and their grunts suggested they did not believe it was wise to have a pillow that long.  I was not convinced, but I saw some displayed at Costco.  They were king size, so I refrained.  Mine is a queen.  I reflected and decided to give it a try.  I loved it.  I bought a king size pillow cover, but my current pillowcase is a bit small.

Off to shop for my new investment today.  Likely less than 40 years.  I have aged.


Went to visit Julie.  The last morning we decided to have breakfast out before being dropped at the airport.  Breakfast went quickly.  Decided to go shopping.  Worked well to be dropped at the airport as anticipated.  I had checked on my flight.  On time.  Got to gate; delayed 20 minutes.  Ended up leaving over an hour late.

Could have slept later.


When I visited my dear friend Linda, I met her adopted dog Gabriel.  We took him to a very large dog park in Seattle where dogs who enjoy the water can take a swim.  There were many at the park that day.  The dogs are not leashed.  As we walked, Gabriel would do his own thing: he smelled other dogs, explored the grounds, and ran.  He always stopped and checked where we were, and he stayed within eye view.  We walked for a long time.

When we got home, Gabriel took a nap.  End of story.


I went to the Chihuly Museum in Seattle for the first time.  I found most of the visitors were using their phone cameras to take pictures of the art or of each other.  People were posing and it was rude to walk in front of them as they were arranging to take a picture.  In one room, there were so many people taking pictures of individual hanging art pieces, that I could not get through to see them myself.  Why not buy a book of the artwork?

Another complaint about technology.

A Highlight

Julie came to celebrate Passover with the family.  Erik and Ellen have the Seder at their home each year.  Carrie came to my home so that she and Julie and I went out for dinner the night before.  The next day, Julie went to SF to go shopping and have lunch with Carrie.  That night, after the Seder, Julie stayed at Erik’s home.  I love the interaction these three have with each other.  It has never changed.

They continue to touch my heart.

Nice Try

When Marjie and I were In grad school together, she told people she liked being around me because she would have a thought and her thought would come out of my mouth.  I was the outspoken person.  It worked for her.  I received a card from her today with a picture on the front of two women.  The message is, “We’ve been through a lot together, and most of it was your fault.”  Marjie wrote on the card that this was an acknowledgement that apparently others have the same experience.

Once again.  I know she designed the card and is passing it off on someone else.