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Too Much

The Netflix series Killing Eve was recommended by a few people. I received the first disc and started to watch it, not looking to see how many episodes were on the disc before I began. After the fourth episode, I didn’t want to watch it anymore. I believe it was an advantage to those who viewed one episode a week.

I removed the disc and canceled subsequent ones.


The Fleet was here. That refers to the Blue Angels. I hear and may see them leaving or landing at the Oakland Airport. I saw them doing their performance as I drove to San Francisco. I focus on how much is costs for them to perform. It is millions of dollars.

I think about the homeless on the streets.

A Meal Prepared

I spent a couple of nights with Isaac and Ari. I requested that Ari prepare the meal one night as he is very talented. He made chicken, carrots and couscous. It was his own recipe. It was delicious.

Hopefully, this will happen more often!

Once Again

It was wonderful to go to the SFMOMA again. I took Isaac and Ari and we had a wonderful time exploring the art. Isaac showed us a display he had seen with a group from school. We had lunch after.

Such a nice day with them.


Isaac went on a 70-mile bike ride with two friends. I went over for lunch a few days later and the food was on the table for us to help ourselves. I noted that Isaac kept going back to the table.

I was happy.


I went shopping today, in September, at one of the large stores I frequent. I went to the produce department and found no green beans. I found a worker from the store and asked him if they had the product. He responded, “It is nearing the holiday season.”

Clearly, he had no information.


I went to a business group meeting at a restaurant. When I walked in, there was a table set up for eight of us and one member was already there. I sat down next to him. He asked me how I was doing and I said I was irritated. He asked me to change seats.

I did not.


Was at a group of activities in San Francisco recently. Because of the increase of Covid cases, everyone was asked to present their vaccine card, driver’s license and had their temperature taken at every entry point. We had to keep our masks on except when eating.

No one minded.


Ari’s long-term friends are called the SMART group. They are Sebastian, Martin, Ari, Royal, and Theo. They have been friends at school, soccer, and baseball. Their parents have become friends too. Watching the boys together is awesome. I wish all children had relationships like this in their lives.


Change Is Good

Lost weight over the pandemic by design. Stabilized for months. Suddenly two pounds appeared. I remember learning years ago that one must eventually increase exercise to keep weight off. After eighteen months, I added two blocks to each day’s walk.