My Approach

I work in a relationship with my client. Though initially a client may not realize it,
each person is capable of discovering who he or she is and what goal is desired. My role is to accompany and facilitate the process of discovery.  Through a trusting, open, honest and caring relationship, we are capable of meaningful growth and change.  I believe everyone is able to set a goal and reach it.

I am passionate about my work with individuals, couples, families and groups. I seek to establish a safe environment with open communication.  This leads people to risk self disclosure.  The more I hear, the more I am able to understand the nature of the challenge and potential goals.  I have learned to trust my intuition and creativity and to take risks myself.

When working with children, I find great value in entering their world through play therapy and/or engaging in conversation about their interests.  Children are able to provide very insightful information about their behavior when talked to in a productive, safe environment.

Through my own experiences, I am able to appreciate the difficulty and blocks that often impede our ability to make change and value ourselves.  Often we see ourselves through other people’s eyes instead of our own.