A friend is moving out of town. I made the choice to walk to the open house she was having because I knew she was having a garage sale also. I wanted an excuse to buy nothing, thus no car to transport things. When I walked into her home, she invited me to go to the tables for the garage sale. I told her I wanted nothing. I spoke the truth.

Thus, walking there and back was just for the exercise.


Spoke to Isaac yesterday. He caught me up on AP exams and SAT. Discussed track meet and how he qualified for the last meet for the State finals. Talked about architecture creation he is competing with. I pointed out that he seems to enjoy the process and not just the result of what he does.

I hope so.

Who You know

I decided to make lemon bars for dessert for my dinner group. I called Erik and asked him to bring me some from their tree. I squeeze them in mass and freeze the juice to cook with. When we met for Mother’s Day, I was given a bag of lemons.

Yummy dessert coming up.

Who Knew?

The door to the plane is closed and we are prepared to leave. Still at the gate. The pilot comes on and tells us he has something interesting to disclose. Two planes have touched each other behind us and he cannot back up until the airport police do a report. A “crash” on the tarmac.

We left 90 minutes later.


Being with Julie, Harold, and Henry for a weekend. Having brunch with Carrie, Erik, Ellen, Isaac, Ari, and Pippin. There are no words to describe my feelings.

The gift of being a Mom.


Ari shared a notebook with all of the work he has done for an online art class he is taking. It was so meaningful to have him show me and experience his pleasure with what he is learning.

A special time with him.

Rock and Roll

I watched a documentary on Roy Orbison and I decided he remains my favorite rock and roll singer. His songs touched my heart. His voice had an incredible range, which, I suspect, is why people do not record his music.

I did not delete the recording.