Mother’s Day

Because of the virus, we were still sheltered.  Erik said his family wanted to come over to my house that day.  I suggested they come for lunch and we would eat outside to maintain distance.  He commented that on Mother’s Day I was not supposed to prepare the lunch.  I responded, “But because it’s Mother’s Day, I should.”

I continue to try to guilt.

Thanks Cliff

My next-door neighbor often plays music.  He sometimes has his front door open and it comes from inside.  Sometimes it is playing on his front porch.  At times he plays the guitar on the front porch and sings.  At times he is accompanied by friends.  I have listened to it for eight years, late at night and early in the morning.  It has not been a problem.  Lately, as we are sequestered in our homes, it has been a lovely diversion.

Keep it up.


While sheltered from the coronavirus, the gym was closed.  I started walking around my home.  One day I was walking on Lincoln and there were two people walking toward me.  They shifted and moved into the street, clearing leaving me the space on the sidewalk without us getting too close together.  As we walked by each other, I said, “Thank you.”  They responded, “You are welcome.”

Kindness and consideration during touch times.

Needing Help

AT & T told me I needed a new modem.  I was not having any problems and had called with a billing question.  A worker came out and spent 2 ½ hours with the installation, new wires and all.  I discovered they had changed my network name and password.  Adjusted my computer and phone.  “No effect on the television,” he said before he departed.  Wrong.  I am unable to access Netflix, etc.  I went to settings and tried.  I could not find a password.

I called for aid.  I remain optimistic.

Apathy Surfaces


There was some engagement initially as people acclimated to the pandemic: working from home, no school, avoiding people.  By the second week, most had settled into a degree and were adjusting to being together at home, declaring space and responsibilities.  Then the stores changed hours.  Then masks were required.  Gloves were advised.  Now the feelings were of irritation and annoyance.  Some anxiety began to surface.  By the sixth week, there was apathy and lethargy.  Initially, people entertained themselves at home by cleaning, watching Netflix, playing video games, and Zoom or Facetime with friends and family.  Now, most things were boring.

Interested in next week?

The Best

My kids rented a house by Russian River for the whole family to spend three days. It was a birthday gift for me. They arranged the meals. They brought games and movies to watch. There was a hot tub. We went to Armstrong Woods for a picnic and walk. We talked. I had the best time. I truly like all of them. I truly love all of them. As I left to drive home, Ari said, “See you here next year.”

I only wish.


My CPA asked me if I was able to take my tax form off my investment site and PDF it to him instead of copying 20 pages and mailing it with the rest of my stuff. I did it. I repeat, I did it. I asked him to confirm that he had received it. He sent an email within minutes saying, “Good girl.” I wrote back, “WOMAN.”

Neither is shocking.

Planning our Getaway

My family rented a house for us all to stay for a weekend as a birthday gift for me.  Isaac asked me to bring my Monopoly game.  I said I would.  When I told Erik, he said they have Monopoly in Spanish.  We both agreed that we would need Isaac or Ari to translate for us if we played in Spanish.  We both agreed the better choice is to play in English. 

I have played Monopoly with them many times. 


While with a client, the doorbell rang.  A package had been left on the porch and the UPS delivery truck was leaving.  The address was correct.  The person it was sent to does not live in my home.  I returned it the next day to the UPS main facility in the area.  Two days later, the doorbell rang.  It was a client holding a box that had just been delivered.  Wrong name again.  This time I caught the truck and gave the box back. I found another one on my porch one day and took it to Target, the store from which all three packages came.  I asked them to research who the package was going to and find the right address.

I remain optimistic. 

Dealing with the Virus

It is a stressful time.  People feel scared and uncertain.  We are confined.  Our patterns and rituals have changed.  Because we are told to stay in our homes, many are around people and family members who can be stressful.  Children are at home.  Parents are working from home.  I am hearing about interactions that are conflictual.  Please reach out for help.  Many of us are available by phone. I do phone appointments all day.  If you feel abused or likely to abuse, call 800-799-7233.  If you feel suicidal, call 800-273-8255. 

Please take care of yourselves.