Ari told me he was presenting a poem he had written at a school event.  I knew he had been studying poetry and culture.  I asked him to read his poem to me.  His poem was in English and Hebrew and his thoughts and reflections were incredible.

I want a copy.

Alternative Plans

The last two games before the Super Bowl are today.  Yes, the 49ers are one of the teams. I can’t remember the last time I watched a football game.  Not today either.

On to streaming at home.

Not Again

When I went walking the other day on one of my usual routes, I stepped on something and fell.  I discovered it was a small yellow apple.  I went down hard.  The result was seriously felt in my left rib area.  That is not the first time I have bruised or broken those ribs.

Sorry for them.  Me too.

Mission Accomplished

Ari and Isaac were sleeping over. It was Ari’s request to go to Costco. I had taken Isaac a while ago. His request was to walk every aisle. He decided to pass on the meats, paper goods and clothing. He bought nothing, but he convinced me to try a couple of things.

Now that experience will remain in the past.

Thoughts And Feelings

Alas, a way to understand the difference between them. Thought: It’s raining outside and that is good because of the draught. Feeling: I wish the rain would stop.

We do both at the same time.


We did our annual gift exchange. Each person picks a name at Thanksgiving and we exchange gifts in December. Erik pulled his usual. He wraps his gift in boxes, bags, and paper. It takes the receiver 10 minutes to get to the actual gift. I ask everyone who reads this to contact Erik and encourage him to stop this predictable and irritating behavior.



I have an appointment with a new doctor tomorrow at a location I have not been. I am not familiar with the area. I am not an anxious person normally. It surfaces when I have a new place to go and am unfamiliar with the parking arrangements. I made the choice to Google the address, and it indicated there is a parking lot.

Much appreciated.


Jules was here for Thanksgiving. She knew I was advised to use my right arm as little as possible due to a tendon problem. She was insisting on doing everything I normally do to prepare for guests. I appreciated her care.

I advised her to not get in my way!


Carrie made arrangements to spend the day with Isaac and Ari. She said she is wanting to spend as much time with them as she can. We are all aware Isaac will be leaving for college in the fall.

Less physical access coming up.

A New Look

I understand Ari’s Creative Writing teacher mentioned dying hair pink to acknowledge breast cancer awareness month. Ari created a strand of pink In his hair. I will see him next weekend.

What might he have by then?