My friend came for dinner the other night. He asked what he could bring and I told him only himself. He walked in with a box and said he brought dessert. I already had dessert for him. I am choosing not to eat desserts. When the time came, we opened the box and he said he wanted the dessert I had prepared. I took a small cookie from the box. When he left I told him to take the box home with him. He encouraged me to take one of the cookies. I said no.

Not being in the house is the best way to avoid eating something!


My friend was telling me about a problem he had with the vent for the stove in his new home. He is an engineer, so he explored the problem fully and did research on the internet. He called the company of the vent he had and spoke with a woman. He described the problem, knowing the vent he had did not have a blower. Through a lengthy conversation, with the exchange of data such as space measurements, he was advised how to remedy the problem. It worked.

This is an example of what can happen when we are able to talk to a human being!


When Isaac was six, a friend from Maine sent a dozen lobsters. I prepared dinner and Isaac discovered his favorite food. I do not remember how much he ate, but I believe it was two lobsters. I was reminded recently about a time I took the boys to a friend’s home and they ate chicken pot pie. Ari ate three pieces and verbally expressed his love of the meal. I am wanting to please both Isaac and Ari.

Guess which meal I will prepare soon?

At A Loss

I was meeting with a client in the garage when a fire truck and ambulance drove by. Not unusual. Then a helicopter circled nearby for a long time. This is usually indicative of an accident. My next client came and told me the road was blocked off nearby and there were police and ambulances. When she left I discovered, on my computer, that there was a gas leak caused by road workers and they had evacuated the area. I am a block further than that area. There was a smell of gas.

There can be a disadvantage to not being able to smell.

Like Minds

Ellen and Isaac brought lunch and sat outside. I shared the thought that I would love to get an RV and travel all over the United States and visit small cities. I would take my time. Isaac said that idea appealed to him. About an hour later, when they were leaving, Isaac turned to me and said, “When you plan the trip, let me know. I would love to join you.”

Touch my heart.


Sometimes the pandemic gets to me. It was Friday, the end of a typical work week, and I realized I had no plans for the weekend. Plans might mean seeing my kids or grandchildren. Having a friend over for lunch outside. Nothing big, but something! I decided I will go Sunday morning to pick up two items I need from the store. Shopping on a weekend.

Amazing what emotions will prompt me to do.

Paying Attention

The family was over for lunch in my backyard. Isaac used the bathroom, and, when he came out he asked me when I had changed to accessories since they were no longer turquoise. I do change the carpets and towels twice a year, seasonally, to provide me with some variety. I was intrigued that he noticed. I assured him that I would be back to turquoise in another week as spring is coming.

I followed through.


Received my second shot, Moderna, and within 20 minutes could feel a change in the muscle on the arm (bicep?). When I removed the bandage, I realized I had been injected right by the shoulder. When I drove, about two hours later, I could hardly reach the turn signal. Ibuprofen, ice, heat, Tylenol. Got a bit better. Continues to linger, Problems sleeping; can’t change positions easily. Doctor says to wait longer.

Won’t get the virus!


I have been walking the same four routes for a year now. It did not clearly occur to me until this week that I pay no attention to what is on the other side of the street. I focus on the sidewalk and little else. It is mindfulness time. Maybe this year my awareness will expand.

Not likely.

I Love Technology

Not. Computer started crashing. My IT guy was over twice. Looking for a virus. Nothing came up. Went on a regimen of avoiding one program at a time. Changed mouse. Changed USB connector. Stopped playing Scrabble. Stopped playing games. Restarted computer many times. Still trying to identify the problem. Take it into Geek Squad and lose access to my computer for a few days. Oh, my. Trying to avoid.

Well, I was able to write this.