The End Of A Newspaper

I have been writing a feature column for the Alameda Sun for many years. They have decided to close the business for financial reasons. It was a valuable paper for Alameda with a strong relationship to the city for local news.

A loss for many.

My Loss

I was invited to a poetry reading event at Ari’s school where he will read the poem he wrote, Prose Were The Days. Unfortunately, it is during the week at 6 PM. I choose not to make the drive then. I am inviting him to read it at Thanksgiving dinner.

The family’s gain, hopefully.


I stayed with Marjie in Michigan. One evening she wanted to watch the Michigan/Michigan State football game. We did. It was the first athletic event besides figure skating I had watched in a year.

I was her guest.


Went for lunch with a group of women. One did not finish her French Toast. She said she would not take them home. I told her I would. She likes to cook; I do not. The woman next to me said she was going to ask for them.

I won.


I am watching the weather for my trip to Michigan next week. It shows temps in the 50’s. I am pleased there will be no snow or ice.

There is climate change, however.


I spoke to Erik and he hoped I was looking forward to my trip to see friends in Michigan. I said, “Yep. In three weeks.” He said, “No, in two weeks.” He’s right.

Lucky we talked.


My car is in for body repair due to an accident. I was told a new rear bumper is not available. Part of the cargo out at sea. I anticipate finding my silver car with a red rear bumper.



I met my friend Kevin for lunch. I went to the library with Sandy to hear the author of a book do a presentation. Two social events in one day.

My kids were so enthused.

A Challenge

I made the decision to take the same road I had an accident on three weeks ago. I was not wanting to avoid the location; I was aware the road is constructed in a way that does not provide clarity about one lane in each direction. I took it on today.

I did it and can now let that anxiety go.

Cherished Events

Isaac and Ari came for dinner. Isaac is leaving for college in a few days. I have mixed feelings; I will miss him, but I am so thrilled with how he is moving forward. We had a great meal, almost nothing left over. We had great conversation. We hugged and kissed.

I love those guys.