Lunch Invitation

Dear friends invited me to go to Napa for lunch. They have a favorite restaurant there. They invited close friends of mine who live in Napa to join us. I had to clear my schedule from 10:15 AM to 2:30 PM for this excursion. The drive was pleasant conversing, the food was good, and seeing Scott and Robin was wonderful.

Too much time for lunch for me.


I talked to Isaac on the phone and while we were talking, I could hear squeaking in the background. Pippin was playing with his cookie toy. Later in the day I spoke with Julie and there was squeaking in the background, It was Harold playing with his cookie toy.

Cousins with the same preoccupation.


Did my morning walk today. The leaves are on the sidewalk. There is white netting hanging from some fences. Tombstones have been placed in the grass. Pumpkins are on the porches. Ghosts are hanging from trees.

It must be fall.


Someone from my past is deteriorating from Alzheimer’s quickly. We have no contact anymore. No matter what the nature of the relationship was, it is difficult to know this is how life can be.

Reality can be painful.


Two friends came for dinner the other night. One had talked about wanting pizza and I offered to make her one. They came with a magnificent bouquet of flowers. It was delightful to be able to entertain people again.

And so we move on.

Birthday Cake, Again

I was asked to bake a cake for Isaac’s birthday. I told Carrie I was at a loss for an idea. I listed all of the ones I have made recently. She suggested a banana cake with caramel frosting. Julie said I needed to add chocolate chips to the batter. I realized I needed to buy the bananas soon because the party was in five days. I decided to walk to the market close to me; I never shop there.

Three bananas are now available in my home.


A friend in Detroit reported that her basement was flooded and most items stored there were ruined. Much of the city was flooded. I told her I would love to have some of that water in California.

Extremes in both locations.


Vaccinated clients were able to come into my office again. It was warm and touching to have them express their comfort at returning. It means a lot to me to know that they identify this space as a place they looked forward to being in again.

It feels good.


I have flower pots on my front porch and back yard. They are important to me. I love the flowers, the color, and the growth of something I have contributed to. I water them, I prune them, I rotate them, I transfer them to larger pots. We are entering the drought time of year again. We are being asked to use 15% less water.

I have choices to make.