I couldn’t get a medicine bottle open. Tried everything. Hot water. Plyers. Took to the store of purchase. Pharmacy closed on Sunday. My luck. Asked man at main counter if he could help. He touched it lightly and it opened.

He said, I believe your prior attempts prepared it for me.


My high school reunion has been delayed because of the pandemic. It is a large class and graduates live all over the world. It was proposed that we meet by Zoom.

Not my first choice.


Went to a birthday party. All of the women wanted to talk about themselves. No one was listening. I said nothing. I ate a little and left; total time, 40 minutes.

The honoree asked if she could go with me.


Had surgery. The doctor was trying to discourage me from activity for a week after. I told her that would not happen. I move forward easily. She called the day after surgery to find out how I was doing. She said she went to the recovery room to see me and I had gone home already.

She was not surprised.


I have no interest in watching sporting events. I did see the movie The Champions one day. I also had Isaac over and he was interested in seeing the end of the Warrior’s game. I sat with him and realized I had watched basketball twice that day.

I liked the movie.

John Muir Trail

Isaac is going for a one-month trek with two friends. He told me he still needs to rent an ice pick. For what, I asked. He smiled and asked me if I am familiar with the amount of snow that has accumulated in the mountains. I said I was and then realized he will be climbing.

It clearly is different than the Appalachian Trail!


Went to meet my two friends for lunch. There was an ambulance in the parking lot. I saw a woman on the ground. I was afraid it was one of my friends. It was not.

We get to the age when…..


Isaac was accepted to a few colleges. He knows he wants to pursue architecture. He did tons of research, visited, and interviewed many people. He chose Oregon. It feels like the right one.

I have always wanted to visit there.


I have had many dogs in my life. Most I was able to have until they died. One I refused to keep because she tried to bite my daughter. We just had a similar situation with another dog in the family. They are very sad after over two years with him.

Difficult loss.