Eating Out

In one week, I had a breakfast meeting and lunches with friends on three different days. Ironically, all were going to be at the same restaurant. I called one friend and asked that we go elsewhere. The other lunches involved larger groups of people. We did change restaurants. The change ended up costing too much for what we got.

Oh, well.

Catching Up

Erik, Ellen and Ari came for dinner.  I valued hearing about Ellen’s journey to Georgia and southern California.  And Ari showed me pictures of his Quest trip.  We had already talked about it.  I am so happy they were able to go away and gain from their journeys.




Carrie’s friend Sherry came for a visit from Oregon.  They have been friends since high school.  Carrie told me about the places they went in San Francisco, the meals they ate and their conversations.  The whole disclosure was filled with the amount of enjoyment she felt, the amount she laughed, and the joy of being together.

So meaningful.


Was thrilled to be with my friends for dinner.  I became aware that our conversation was all about problems in the world and our own issues.  I asked if we could be more positive in our further discussion.  They agreed.

It turned out not to be easy.

No Vacations

As I left the house, Isaac asked me if I had any vacations planned for the remainder of the summer, I said no. When I got in my car, I reflected on how much my lifestyle has changed since the pandemic. I always traveled. However, with the airlines unreliable now, I choose to not be stuck in a city due to a cancellation.

Life has changed.


Harold, my three-year-old grandpuppy, came for a visit. One night he slept under the bed as there were fireworks from the stadium. Then there were fireworks a block away. The next night they were at the stadium again. He slept in the closet.

It’s not even July 4th yet. Does anyone care about the animals?


I am writing 200 postcards to another state to encourage people to vote in November. It beats feeling helpless or apprehensive about the election. The problem is writing so much. I hope people can read my handwriting.

I tried.


I went to an event on a ship that was going to be sailing for the evening. I do not stay at events, but I knew there was no exit until we returned to port. Fortunately, I sat next to a person I had never met before and we engaged in conversation the whole evening. Thanks, David.

People do matter.

Too Much Change

I had booked a flight to Florida four months ahead. I was notified one month later that the airline was adding a second stop in each direction. Over fourteen hours each way.

Canceled the flight.


Highlight of the weekend: watched Dirty Dancing again. I don’t know how many times I have seen it, but I am still inspired and I still cry.

Oh, to dance like that!