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While with a client, the doorbell rang.  A package had been left on the porch and the UPS delivery truck was leaving.  The address was correct.  The person it was sent to does not live in my home.  I returned it the next day to the UPS main facility in the area.  Two days later, the doorbell rang.  It was a client holding a box that had just been delivered.  Wrong name again.  This time I caught the truck and gave the box back. I found another one on my porch one day and took it to Target, the store from which all three packages came.  I asked them to research who the package was going to and find the right address.

I remain optimistic. 

Dealing with the Virus

It is a stressful time.  People feel scared and uncertain.  We are confined.  Our patterns and rituals have changed.  Because we are told to stay in our homes, many are around people and family members who can be stressful.  Children are at home.  Parents are working from home.  I am hearing about interactions that are conflictual.  Please reach out for help.  Many of us are available by phone. I do phone appointments all day.  If you feel abused or likely to abuse, call 800-799-7233.  If you feel suicidal, call 800-273-8255. 

Please take care of yourselves. 


I did not watch the Superbowl.  I was aware the 49ers were playing.  I did not watch the half time.  I was aware Jennifer Lopez was co-starring.  I had my friend Doug install a new printer and we had dinner. 

We each have our priorities. 

Phone Appointments

This is an uncomfortable and awkward time for most people.  It is also a time to have support and contact.  I am available to have clients schedule time for a phone appointment.  Please feels free to do so.  510-995-8167 


I woke up at 7:45 am.  I had been up a few times, but fell back to sleep.  It has been years since I slept so late.  After getting coffee and making the bed, I actually contemplated staying in my pajamas all day.  The day seemed so much shorter than usual, I wasn’t sure it was worth getting dressed.  Then I remembered one ingredient I needed for a recipe I wanted to make that day.

I decided not to wear pajamas to the supermarket.


I took my car to the dealership because a piece fell of, which I discovered was called the fog cover.  Fortunately, it was in stock and the man told me it would cost “twenty-one thirty with tax.”  I have dealt with cars forever, so I anticipated paying a fortune.  The piece was plastic, so I was surprised it cost as much as he quoted.  He put on the part and took my charge card.  When I got the receipt, it was for $21.30.  I thought it was going to cost me $2130.

I am happy.

Things Change

I was unhappy with my shower head.  The pressure seemed to have changed.  I cleaned it.  Nothing happened.  I decided to by a new one.  I talked to Julie who had researched buying one herself.  I decided to wait for my visit to her and buy one then.  I did.  Carrie said it was easy to install and told me it would come with white tape to put around the pipe.  She had replaced hers also.  I bought it, got home, and found myself inclined to delay installation.  Then I decided to take the risk.  I opened the package and found no white tape.  The instructions said nothing about white tape.  I took off the old one, put on the new one (easily) and took a shower.  I was happy.  I told Carrie my installation did not require the tape.  She said, “Things change with progress.”

Learning from my daughter.


For 7 ½ years of the eight years I have rented my home, the heat did not work.  It only warmed the bedroom.  Being from the Midwest, I could handle the cool temps, because this is California.  How cold does it get?  I finally told my landlord about it and the furnace was replaced in August.  Today, it was 42 degrees when I woke up.

The heat is on.


I received a notice from Subaru about a recall on my car.  I scheduled an appointment and was told there were three recalls.  I took the car in and left it for a few hours.  Work was done on the brake hose.  Three days later, the red brake light went on.  That was a Sunday.  Today is Monday and it is still on. I called Subaru and the soonest they can get me in is Thursday.  I was assured the car is safe to drive.

Be aware I just put this in writing!


I learned a long time ago that I am capable of not paying attention to small things that might be meaningful for me.  I went to the gym today, as I do three mornings a week.  I did the treadmill, bike and ropes.  Then I went to the weight room and noticed the yellow tape across the entrance.  A sign indicated that the room will be closed for two weeks as they redo the floor.  Off to the stretching I go, a bit disappointed.

As I left the gym, I noticed a sign on the door indicated the news about the weight room.  The sign has probably been there for weeks.

There is a message there for me.