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Last night, five of us had dinner together. Three of us were from Detroit and went to Mumford High School. We talked about the resurgence of Detroit, the athletic teams, and how magnificent homes are in many areas. At this time, I want to apologize to our two friends. We were quite central in our focus.

It was a meaningful conversation.

Family Celebration

We all met at our rental in Cazadera to celebrate Carrie’s birthday. We did this once before for my birthday almost three years ago. It is a very special time. We make meals together, play games, use the hot tub, walk in the woods, and talk.

I love being with these people.


The family was sitting outside around a fire built by Isaac and Adam. It was so relaxing. When it was time to go inside, Isaac asked me if he should end the fire. I encouraged him to. Then Ari asked to participate. Watching the interaction between the two was intriguing and inspirational. They did not approach it the same way, but they respected the other’s actions.

Proud Nana.

Baking Catastrophe

I decided to make a Banana Bundt cake for Carrie’s birthday. I found a recipe, and based on umpteen years of baking, decided to substitute a bit. When the cake came out of the oven, my thought was that I did not know how it tasted, but it was very pretty. I cooled it briefly in the pan and then inverted it onto the rack to cool it completely. It kept getting smaller. I picked up the rack, and the cake was dribbling out. Pretty on top, but it hadn’t baked.

Next recipe, without substitutions.

Zoom Meetings

A member of a business group was doing a presentation. She was speaking; there was no powerpoint. There were 13 people at the meeting. I noticed that three stayed focused on the speaker during her talk. The others were looking at other monitors, looking down at their desks, or leaving their rooms altogether. Why does this group vote to keep meeting by Zoom? Disrespectful.

I shall bring it up next week at our in-person meeting.

Losing Interest

My plan today, a Saturday, is to water my outdoor plants and do the laundry. I do not see clients on most Saturdays. I deliberated on how to spend my day. I contemplated going to the outlet mall. I have not been there in a very long time. I reflected on all of the stores, and nothing interested me. I am no longer a shopper.

Things change.


I have been walking the same five routes for 2 ½ years now. Every morning, I am on the road, or sidewalk, depending on my route. Yesterday I decided to create a new diversion. I counted Subaru’s parked on the street. There were four. Today’s route had six.

Is the repetition getting to me?

Pool Party

Harold, my three-year-old grandpuppy, was invited to join other dogs today in a pool purchased by a neighbor. Julie said she would buy him goggles.

Wish I could see it.

Cleaning The Temple

Each year I participate in cleaning Temple Israel before the high holidays. When I finished my job, I was sitting with some people and a very large vase was brought over with a query about where it should be put. I suggested sitting it on the floor in the middle of the social hall. And so, someone put it there.

I like to play with people’s minds.

Treasured Time

Isaac shared his photos with me from his journey to the Outward Bound experience in Colorado. It was incredible to see the beauty and challenges he was exposed to and fully enjoyed. It was more incredible to sit with him and share it.

I am a fortunate nana.