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Tripped over a tree walking in the dark. Brain bleed, facial stitches. Hospital for 4 days. Face is now purple and yellow. Back to work.

Clients ask questions.


The pilot came on to tell us our destination, arrival time, and weather. He said, “I welcome the adorable, quiet children on this flight.” There were 23 kids.

I love the humor of Southwest Airlines.


Was in a fancy restaurant in Kona, Hawaii with Julie. Waiter advised we order the shrimp for a main course. Three apps first. Shrimp came with head and tail on. Jules would not eat it. I did, though not happily so. Jules ate apps.

Don’t listen to waiters.

Enhanced Experience

I went to see the play Cinderella put on by the African-American Shakespeare Company. It was new to me to be a minority in the audience. I enjoyed being immersed in the culture.

I anticipate more opportunities.


The best series I have seen is Fellow Travelers on Showtime. The actors, Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey are outstanding. The theme is homosexuality and how society and government handled it beginning in the McCarthy era.

Insightful and emotional.


I went to see the display at Ari’s fashion school where they take an after-school class. Five of their creations were shown, a dress, a shirt, a hat, and bag, and a pair of children’s pants. Incredible.

Ari has diverse interests and pursuits.


Isaac and Ari came over for dinner. We talked. We made dinner. We cleaned up. We walked to see the street of holiday lights, which we have not done in years. It was so special catching up with both of them.

The connection deepens.


I am going to Hawaii for the first time. I am from the Midwest (Michigan), We go to the Caribbean. I have been to many islands there. Now I have lived in California long enough to experience the primary vacation place here.

Off I go with Julie.


We had our annual Carrie and Erik birthday party at my house. Before dessert, we Facetimed with Jules and Isaac. It was great to have everyone there.

My family.


Too many suicides in this country, 132 a day. The issue is loneliness, though many do not use that word, unaware of the effect of not being around people. Invite people to engage in conversations. Get together. If suicidal, call 988.