When Emotions Surface

In the month of December, my brother and two friends died.  Another friend was hurt badly in an auto accident. I provided support. I cried briefly. I moved on.

I watch little television, but one program I am dedicated to is Jeopardy.  I like the challenge.  I have watched it for many years and even record it so that I maintain the sequence.

This morning on the CBS Morning Show, a story was told about a contestant I just watched this week.  Today I learned that when she was accepted as a contestant, she informed the producers that she was terminally ill with cancer and needed to compete earlier than they had her scheduled.  They agreed.  She was on six segments. Her illness was never mentioned on the show.  It was disclosed today that she died before she saw her last appearance.

It touched my heart.  I felt like another person I knew had died.  The recent experience of the deaths and injury surfaced.  I cried.

Too much in too close a period of time.