Marketing Again

It was time to connect with new referral prospects.  I made a list.  I was practical about it; I included addresses and phone numbers.  My plan was to call, introduce myself, and, hopefully, be able to set up a time to meet.

I do not like this part of my business.  I enjoy meeting the people.  I do not like the initial calls.

I was at a meeting with a speaker.  My friend Bob was sitting next to me.  I told him about my marketing dilemma before the speaker began.  He suggested writing out a script or two before I began making calls.

During the presentation, the speaker suggested that too many solo workers do not recognize that hiring help would be very beneficial.  The cost is often worth not having work to do that creates a feeling of being overwhelmed or preoccupied.

I turned to Bob and said, “If I write the scripts, will you make the calls?”  He laughed.

Later that day I was telling my daughter about my resistance to performing this task, and she said, “I would happily call people to promote you.”

Somehow, I cannot convince myself that having other people make these calls is appropriate.  At some point, I am going to have to accept and perform this task.