Emotional Reaction

I wrote earlier about the response people were having to the Trump presidential election.  I am now finding expressions of anxiety and alarm as international events are less than ideal.

Just this week:

Pictures of the effects of chemicals in Syria have angered and concerned people.  The bombing of an airport in Syria by the United States scared people.  And the tension between the United States and Russia have contributed to a feeling of unrest.  The United States used a massive bomb for the first time in Afghanistan and it prompted some to anticipate war.  It is suspected that North Korea will test nuclear bombs and it is believed they have one that could reach California.

It does not appear that the emotional reaction is inappropriate.  We are kept apprised by the news with pictures, interviews, and stories.  Everything is brought into our lives quickly.

It appears that anticipation of conflict between countries is haunting many.  There is not much that can be said to provide comfort.