Supporting Others

Alameda is a very diverse community.  Temple Israel is where many of the Jewish families have joined for religious, educational and cultural purposes.  A few days after the demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia where many anti-semitic groups participated, two windows were broken at the Temple.  A camera showed it was a tall person wearing a hoodie.

Two days later, notification was made through social media that there was going to be a vigil at the Temple on Friday night before the Sabbath service at 7:30.  I went, as did about 500 other people.  It was far larger than anticipated.  The Mayor and City Council were present and, along with other officials, spoke.  Members of other clergy were there and one began the speeches.  The head of the Alameda Police said it was being treated as a hate crime.

The President of the Temple Israel invited everyone to attend the service.  250 people took her up on the offer.

It is so meaningful to provide support.  I hope we do this as an active part of our lives.