Weather Concern

Yesterday was when hurricane Irma was landing on top of Florida.  Knowing people living there, I have been a bit preoccupied with the prognostication of how and where it would impact.  Being a slow-moving hurricane, the subject was occupying news and thoughts for days.

I went to the theater yesterday. While getting my tickets, the woman at the desk said they had opened early to allow people into the air conditioning since it was so hot outside.  “Where did this heat come from?  I have lived in the Bay area forever, and we are not supposed to get this hot.  I am very upset.”

Indeed, the projection of her voice verified that.

I chose to say nothing.  I wanted to tell her that it angered me that she was so self-centered when the people in Florida were struggling to survive.

She is entitled to her priorities.  So am I, ergo, silence.