A Touching Experience

I had the good fortune to be invited to a wedding that occurred on a boat in Alameda.  The reception was there also.  Once the service was over, we went out to sea and it happened to be the day the Blue Angels were flying over the Bay.

I have seen them in part before and they, for a couple of days prior to the show, fly over my home.  But I had never seen the full event.

There were actually three groups that performed.  I watched with friends and found it very exciting.  When the Blue Angels began to perform, the ship started to pay music that was very American.  It was soft and it was a nice background.  God Bless America and America the Beautiful were a couple of them.  And then The Star Spangled Banner began.  I was standing at the railing and all six planes came by.  I found myself tearful.

It was a very warm experience.  My sense of national pride surfaced in a felt way.  At this time, it was nice to be able to feel that way.