Crossing The Line

I recently had a table at the Community Health Fair at Alameda Hospital.  I advocate teaching children the words that describe a feeling.  In my office, I am aware that many adults do not know this vocabulary.  I decided to create a game for those who chose to stop at my table.

On a board, I had the words for 30 feelings.  In a bowl, I had the definitions for these words.  A person took a slip out of the bowl, and tried to identify the feeling.  I also had a bowl of candy so that those who played the game were rewarded.  Notice, one did not have to guess successful to take a piece of candy.  Trying was rewarded.

A man came up and took a piece of candy.  I told him he needed to play the game before taking the candy.  He said, “I will not play the game.”  I told him to put the candy back in the bowl.  He gave me a look, but did so.

As he walked away, I turned to the vendor at the next table and said, “People need to not cross the line.”  She laughed.