We Acclimate

I moved to California six years ago.  We drove from Maine.  Prior to Maine, I lived in Michigan most of my life.  Clearly, I knew the four seasons.

On the last day of our drive, we began in Bakersfield.  It was October 31.  When I checked, I saw that the temperature in Alameda was 56.  To me, that was the entry into spring.  I wore a blouse.  And I was comfortable.

The next year, I found myself feeling a bit cold when the temps were 56.  As each year has passed, I get colder and colder.  Each year, to the regret of my budget, I turn on the heat in the “winter.”  Don’t worry, I only put it on for a couple of hours.  Instead, I layer more.  And I wear socks.  And this year, I often have a jacket on when I leave the house.

If we choose, we can adapt to almost everything.