Loving When Older

I have been invited to speak at the Mastick Senior Center in Alameda.  This facility offers a multitude of social and intellectual opportunities for people over 50.  I was asked to speak on Valentine’s Day and to address the experience of love when we are older.

There are a few ways to look at this experience.  There are couples who have been together for many years.  They have a long history and families that have grown from this relationship.  The love remains a commitment to support and to share a history.  There are memories to share.  A sense of warmth and appreciation remain.

Others have moved on alone for a period of time.  Partners have died or divorce has occurred.  The experience of love often enters after a time of loneliness.  When two people share this background, the mutual awareness can lead to an appreciation of being understood and valued.

Others have spent longer times alone comfortably and then meet someone also independent.  There is a sense of enhancing each other’s lives.

I look forward to learning more from my audience.  They will educate me about love when older.

The event is at 1 pm if you would like to attend.