New Furniture

I ordered two pieces, one for the living room and one for my office.  I paid to have then assembled.  The man came to do so and chose to begin with the unit in my office.  I had been told that it would take 2 ½ hours to do both units.

After three hours, he told me he was done, but, since he had gone over the arranged time, would need to return the next day to do the second piece.

We went to look at the one he had completed, and I asked him to move it two inches.  As he did, it collapsed.  He told me to order a new unit from the company.

The next day I looked at the piece and easily identified where he had made major mistakes.  I canceled having him assemble the other item.  The company is sending out a new piece of furniture and offered me a discount.

My dear son Erik assembled the piece in the living room.  It is beautiful and still standing after two days.  Kudos!