A Learning Event

My 13-year-old grandson Isaac left for three weeks of camp. He will return just before his Bar Mitzvah. He was gone two days and broke his arm. He tripped and put his arm out to break the fall. He came home (a four-hour drive) to see his doctor. It was determined he needed his arm reset. At this appointment, he was given a choice of having a local or a full anaesthetic. He chose the former and told me it was very painful. He got a hard cast which goes above the elbow.

He went back to camp but must return to be x-rayed next week. His cabin in going backpacking, which he was really looking forward to, and he cannot go.

This has meant a few four-hour trips and disappointment about limiting activities at camp.
There is value in learning that we are able to get through very painful and unexpected events in our lives. And for Isaac to learn he was able to handle it so well is very meaningful.
He is so resourceful.