I was on the computer a bit before going to the gym.  When I returned, I was unable to get it to work.  I pressed the button, nothing happened.  I tried again.  Nothing.  I called my IT guy and left a message.  I got the receipts and box for my computer because it is two years old and still insured.  I was separated from the world, or so it felt.  I needed to cancel a lunch date to take my computer in.  I plugged in my cell phone to access whatever I could that I know how to do.  I brought a book in to read since I lost access to my games.

I called Julie, as I usually do in the morning.  She said the computer had likely gone to sleep.  She told me what to do, and I followed her directions.  It worked!!  She said, “Now to know what to do next time.”  I said, “Assuming I remember.”  She said, “Call me.”

That I will remember.