Genetic Connection?

Whenever I have guests for dinner, I tell then when it is time to end the event.  Either I sense there is no more to talk about, or I am tired and ready to have them leave so I can do dishes and clean up.  My friends like this.  No one is ever concerned about staying too long.

I had a party.  There were 24 people in the house.  One friend asked if it was time to leave, being cute.  I said it was not my choice this evening.  My 14-year-old grandson was there.  He knows nothing about my ritual.  I said, “Isaac, is it time for the guests to leave?”  He was engaged in conversation with someone at the time.  He looked at his watch and said, “Not yet.”  I asked him when they should leave and he said, “7:15.”  I asked him the current time and he said “7:10.”

My friends all laughed and suggested Isaac and I are related.