Things Change

I was unhappy with my shower head.  The pressure seemed to have changed.  I cleaned it.  Nothing happened.  I decided to by a new one.  I talked to Julie who had researched buying one herself.  I decided to wait for my visit to her and buy one then.  I did.  Carrie said it was easy to install and told me it would come with white tape to put around the pipe.  She had replaced hers also.  I bought it, got home, and found myself inclined to delay installation.  Then I decided to take the risk.  I opened the package and found no white tape.  The instructions said nothing about white tape.  I took off the old one, put on the new one (easily) and took a shower.  I was happy.  I told Carrie my installation did not require the tape.  She said, “Things change with progress.”

Learning from my daughter.