I was invited to have lunch with Ari and Isaac at their home while Mommy and Daddy were away. Isaac sent me an email that morning suggesting a time and checking out the menu. I said both were fine. When I arrived, Isaac said he was prepping. He was cutting vegetables to mix with scrambled eggs. Ari took the bread I had brought and sliced it. He placed it in the toaster oven and, once toasted, added butter and warmed it a bit more. We took 45 minutes to eat and we talked. Then we went to clean up and Ari told me he would do the dishes and I did not need to help. I did clean the stove. Isaac emptied the dishwasher. Trash was collected from around the house and taken to the bins outside. Ari played piano for me. Isaac shared some school projects, and then we played Boggle. I was there for 2½ hours.

Yes, this is a record for me to stay somewhere. Can you guess why?