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My car is in for body repair due to an accident. I was told a new rear bumper is not available. Part of the cargo out at sea. I anticipate finding my silver car with a red rear bumper.



I met my friend Kevin for lunch. I went to the library with Sandy to hear the author of a book do a presentation. Two social events in one day.

My kids were so enthused.

A Challenge

I made the decision to take the same road I had an accident on three weeks ago. I was not wanting to avoid the location; I was aware the road is constructed in a way that does not provide clarity about one lane in each direction. I took it on today.

I did it and can now let that anxiety go.

Cherished Events

Isaac and Ari came for dinner. Isaac is leaving for college in a few days. I have mixed feelings; I will miss him, but I am so thrilled with how he is moving forward. We had a great meal, almost nothing left over. We had great conversation. We hugged and kissed.

I love those guys.


I was invited to a birthday party. I do not like parties. I had also never been to this location before. I decided to go to address the anxiety of going somewhere new. I went and I stayed for over an hour.

I am proud.


It is Labor Day. I value the workers and support a day off. I am off too, because clients choose not to come in. I watch TV. I talk on the phone. I play games on the computer.

I look forward to a work day tomorrow.

The Star

Julie and Carrie went to see Les Miz In LA. Clearly not for the first time. Jules sang the whole time. She knows every word.

Someone got a standing ovation.


I have become preoccupied with possible problems when traveling by plane. Being grounded. Cancelled flights. Carrie just went to visit Julie. There was no room for her carry-on. It was taken by the flight attendant.

It got lost.


Booking a flight to Michigan was so aggravating. Each week the schedules were different. And when I finally decided when to go, one flight was $1400.

I did not book that plane.


I was rear-ended as I drove, ironically, to a doctor’s appointment. I was pushed into the car in front of me. Subsequent pain from where the seat belt held me in.

First accident when I was driving.