Did You Have Classes On These Topics?

After high school, we have choices to make. The options include college, trade school, marriage, work, and the military.  How do we decide which path to pursue?

Some make the choice that was modeled in their family or community.  Some adhere to what family, peers or educators have noted is their strength.  Not often do people take time to question their own interests and career options.  Not often do people acknowledge that they may not really know what they want to do.

And who is available to discuss these options with?

I recall when my daughter went to register for classes when she was beginning college.  An advisor told her she needed to cite her major before she was able to register.  She said she had no idea what she intended to pursue.  She saw undergraduate school as an exploratory time.  He said she needed to put her major on the stipulated line.

She wrote, “Not math.”  Of that she was certain.