More Life Choices

When I was growing up, after graduating from high school, most women married, or went to college, or got jobs.  In my community, most went to college.  I knew no one who made one of the other two choices.

Women who went to college were encouraged to become teachers or nurses.  It was before the feminist activity occurred and females rarely considered other professions.  When I was young, I thought of becoming a lawyer.  I do not remember where that came from, but it did not last long.

My mother decided I should be a teacher.  She felt it was a wise choice in case my husband could no longer work.  Consider the thoughts intrinsic to that message.  I would marry.  My husband would be the provider.  And I would not work out of the home unless he died or was disabled.  I was not alone as a receiver of this script.

To have courses to discuss careers, marriage, and other life options would be an enhancement to the life course of young people.  Too often the programming we are given is predicated on the views of our parents and teachers and society.