Stress In Our Lives

Technology and our life styles have changed the way we live our lives.  We take in more information and more quickly than we did historically.  We have dual working families.  We move away from our home towns and our family homes.  And increase in divorces creates more blended families.

More people.  More places.  More information.

Our bodies, particularly our brains, have not evolved fast enough to adapt.  Studies have validated this piece of information about our brains.  Thus we take in more data, but have a harder time accessing it, thus the belief that, as we age, we forget more easily.  We will eventually access it; it takes longer because of the amount stored.

It is valuable to recognize how stress is affecting our lives, and it is more valuable to find ways to deal with it.  Exercise, verbalizing thoughts and feelings, are very helpful.  Finding the time is often the problem.