Talking To Each Other

While at exercise today, I was aware of what appeared to be an intense conversation between the manager and a woman.  Another person came up to me and began to describe an exchange that had occurred before I had arrived.  The woman was very upset about conversations occurring between a few people exercising.  She said they were so loud she could not hear the music.  The manager turned up the music.  The woman asked that the people be asked to stop talking because she still found herself unable to hear the music adequately.

I am aware that I am focused on interpersonal verbal communication.  I understand a person’s interest in hearing music while exercising.  During my time there I did not find the conversation overriding my ability to hear the music. I am dismayed by an attempt to discourage conversation.

In my time at exercise, we formed a group to meet for lunch once a month because some of the people we had formed relationships with at exercise no longer attended and we wanted to maintain contact.  It is a nice feeling to form relationships and to nurture them periodically.  We had gotten to know each other through conversation,

The music was the background.