A Philosophy Of Life

I listened to an interview with Norman Lear.  He produced innumerable shows including All In the Family on television.  Next month he will be 94 years old.

He was asked about how he would explain his success, good health, and sharp mind.  He said “I can sum it up in two words.  Over and next.”  He said that when the day is done, whatever happened is over.  He does not dwell or hold on to things of the past.  He lets them go.  He moves onto the next.  He looks forward and makes plans.

He then suggested that if one could put a hammock between over and next , it would signify the here and now.  Be there when you can.  That is how he does it.

He got my attention.  We do tend to dwell on the past and hold on to things.  To be able to move on is liberating.  And to be in the present allows us to appreciate what we have and be who we are.

Think about it.