Stress Again?

Stress is everyone’s experience.  Life has become more complicated and multifaceted.  People have more responsibilities. We take in more data.  We meet more people.  We move around.  We respond to people, messages, phone calls, text, emails.  We also initiate these.  We drive in traffic.  We have appointments and deadlines.

Stress can play out emotionally or physically.  We can be anxious.  We can be overwhelmed.  We can be in pain.  We can have stomach distress.

One client of mine has been to a variety of medical doctors and has been evaluated through lab work and three MRIs.  Shoulder and neck pain.  No source discovered.  No cause discovered.  We focused on feelings he has not fully expressed or dealt with.  He learned relaxation exercises.  He learned to stop trying to focus on the cause and to deal with the symptom.  We met for a couple of months.

Suddenly he came in one day and told me how he had finally internalized the prospect that it was caused by stress.  After reaching this point, the pain disappeared.

Relax and yell (perhaps).