Election 2016

The diagnosis was ESD: Election Seasonal Disorder. The past two years have left many people in a state of anxiety, embarrassment, and concern. The election went on for that long, and it often moved into subject areas never imagined.

Who can be trusted? Who lies? One candidate behaved in ways that made who he is clear. The other behaved in ways we were constantly encouraged was not the truth.

When I was in Budapest a month ago, the hotel owner asked me about Trump. I asked him if he was aware Trump planned on building a wall between the United States and Mexico with the Mexicans paying for it. He said he had heard that. I told him that I did not believe that would ever happen, however, as we spoke Canada was building a wall between the United States and Canada to be sure that Americans would not flock to Canada if Trump wins.

He laughed. For me the humor was a nice break from ESD.