Learning About Discrimination

A father of a nine year old client of mine pointed out to me his concern because his children have always lived in Alameda and have not been faced with discrimination of race, religion, or ethnicity because of the diversity of the city.  He asked me whether I thought it was wise for him to discuss it with them.  I found his question to be very reflective and encouraged him to do so.

Another client who is Caucasian visited an African-American potential partner in a southern State. His reluctance to show affection in public angered her.  The fact that people in two restaurants changed tables when they sat down did not irritate her because she did not see this as a reaction to their presence.  She and he talked and she felt he should ignore the reaction of other people and do what he wanted to do.

She does not understand, nor experience, discrimination the way this man has.  She said she does not understand his fears and believes he should behave the way he wants to no matter how others react.

The father of my client has a significant concern about the outcome of naivety.