Giving Positive Feedback

A teenage client walked into my office with crutches.  She normally walks to the office, but I noticed her mother had driven her.  She told me the following story.

Her band class had been told to meet at a certain time in the band room.  When they got there, they discovered that the teacher had erred and they were meeting a half hour later.  They had that time to waste.  The room was dark and they started to play.  They were running around the room and another student crashed into my client.  She fell, felt pain in her knee, and discovered later that she passed out for a moment.  When she opened her eyes, students were around her and pointed out that she had hit her head and was bleeding.  The boy who ran into her was very apologetic.

One student took her cell phone and called 911 and my client’s mother.  They put a covering on her head, which turned out to be a small wound.  When the ambulance arrived, the attendees commended the students on how they had handled the situation.  They pointed out the appropriate calls they had made,  covering the wound, and staying with her.

The teacher, once apprised of what happened, yelled at the students for running around the room.  She did not acknowledge how they had handled the situation.

Education can miss the point at times.  It would have been a better learning experience to point out what they had done right.  I suspect they discovered their mistake on their own.