Intermingling Friendships

It was a difficult week for me.  My brother died.  He had been a good friend.  His death occurred a day before we were having my family for Thanksgiving and three days before I was having a birthday party for my husband.

I was not able to be with Sandy when he died.  I did have two events to focus on.  And my style is to look forward when I can.  And so I interspersed my grief with planning.

The presence and support of family at Thanksgiving was extraordinary.  Not a surprise.  I adore them.

The presence and support of friends was remarkable.  People we have met since we moved to Alameda five years ago mixed with dear friends from long ago in Michigan.  The interaction of these 15 people, who had never met each other before this party, was a highlight to watch.

Friends are people we select to have in our lives.  When we do it in a way that genuinely compliments who we are, they often like each other too.

Thanks, friends, for reminding me of joy in the future.