A Truly Enjoyable Holiday Experience

During the holiday season, there are certain themes I have often heard people express.  One is concern over the cost of gifts, another is concern of what to buy people, and the last is regrets over rituals that have developed over years.

Some rituals grow tiresome for people. There is reluctance to decline an invitation or to start a new one.

Last night I went to my son’s home for the annual Latke Party to celebrate Hanukah.  I have attended this event many times.  Erik, Ellen, Isaac and Ari invite many friends from a variety of venues in their lives.  Some are from school,  athletic activities, neighbors, friends and family.

This year I was focusing on my experience of being there.  The guests are warm and welcoming. I have met many of them before, typically soccer or baseball games.  I observed a warm interaction between the adults and great camaraderie with the children.  The adults smiled, shook hands, engaged in conversation easily, and asked questions which reflected real interest.  There was true engagement.

The children were friendly and interacted with the adults easily.

The feeling was one of comfort, acceptance, and interacting genuinely.

I look forward to next year.