Feeling Overwhelmed

Working full time.  Raising children.  Running errands.  Taking care of pets.  Taking care of the home.  Preparing meals. Doing laundry.  Taking phone calls.  Making phone calls.  Taking care of bills and business.  Shopping.

There is much to do on most days.  Often there is little down time in the evening.  We look forward to the weekend, hoping for less of a schedule.

Add one more unexpected phenomenon, like illness, and the overwhelmed feeling goes over the edge.

For the most part, this is how we choose to live our lives.  I encourage making a commitment to having a break.  Schedule it so that it is a part of our ritual.

Go to a restaurant.  Go to a movie.  Go to the library.

I advocate this strongly to couples with children so that they can maintain a private, intimate relationship where they can truly catch up with each other.  Do this once a week.  It makes a difference.