Passing On Values

I participated in the Women’s March in Oakland.  The estimate is that 100,000 people participated in that march.  There were many men and many children. That meant a lot to me.

I raised my three children with a strong focus on values.  Caring about people, being non-judgmental, and being true to one’s beliefs were some of them.  It meant a lot to me that my children, now adults and parents, participated in the marches yesterday also.  We were in three different cities.

I recall going to marches with my daughters years ago.  I involved them in the issues of the time, women’s rights and abortion rights.  It was important to me to lay a foundation of what I believed was a humane view of the world.  I always encouraged them to be honest about who they were and I knew that their views and beliefs might become different than mine as they aged.

And yet, yesterday, they demonstrated they have internalized the same values.  And they, too, continue to take action in regard to their beliefs.

I applaud those who brought their children yesterday.

Role model for someone.  It feels very fulfilling. And, more importantly, encourages an impact on how the values move forward.

Stay active.