Feeling Scared

The feelings of scare, helplessness, powerlessness and anger have been common in my office since the presidential election.  I did not anticipate the commonality of those themes.  I know that I am in a progressive community where residents do not live with pervasive fears of segregation, discrimination, violence, racism, homophobia or xenophobia.  It is a very diverse area.

And yet, there is fear.

One client travels all over the world and is concerned about not being able to return to the United States at some point.  At this time her fear would seem to be irrational.

Another person is an illegal Canadian and is terrified she will be deported.  She is married to an American and has a child from that relationship.  She wanted to protest at one of the airports, but was too afraid to do so.

Another is frightened that there will be control over the internet.  His work and his communication is based on the internet.

A gay client attends college out of state and says all the gays she knows are afraid.

I am pleased I can offer a room where people can ventilate.  I encourage action of some sort to countermand the feelings of powerlessness.  Everyone can do something.  Hopefully each can find comradery by doing so and feel the benefit of contributing to change.

Sometimes there is realistic paranoia.