Maintaining The Intimate Connection

When people think of intimate connections, they typically are referring to couple relationships: lovers, partners, mates.   I certainly understand that.

I am aware that I also have intimate connections with my children.  When they were young, I used to have a “date” with each one of them.  We went for a walk, or out to eat, or to a movie, or shopping, or on a trip.  It was important to me to maintain a very personal one to one relationship with each one of them.  They have shared the value of that for them also.

This weekend I visited my daughter in Los Angeles.  I do this twice a year.  We do have certain rituals during my time there.  However, the conversation is always disclosing about who we are in the moment.  We truly keep up with who we are at all times.  I had the opportunity to share meals with a few of her friends who I continue to enjoy over the years.  The same openness exists with them.

Next weekend I spend a good part of Sunday with my other daughter.  We do this whenever we can.  We will begin by going to my grandson’s soccer game, then she and I will have lunch and attend a concert together.  In between the activities, we will exchange thoughts and feelings on a deeper level.

I need to set up a “date” with my son.  I find that the nights my grandson’s sleep over, we have the same opportunity.

Moving to California has gratified my primary desire to spend more time with these precious people.