Kids Can Be Funny; Their Parents Can Be Too

I call my kids on Saturdays when I have the time available.  This has been a ritual since they were in college away from home.

I called Erik’s home today and left a message asking him to return my call.

This afternoon the phone rang and it was Isaac.  He is 11 years old.  We talked about his week.  He told me about a project he completed for his architecture and design course.  He informed me that they had gotten bean bags for the rec room.  I indicated that I will be at his soccer game next week.

I then asked to speak to Ari, who is eight.  Ari told me about a Netflix series he is watching.  I told him I would be at his soccer game next week also.  I indicated that I knew his Dad was running an errand and would call me when he got home.  Ari said, “My Mom is here.”  I said he could give her the phone.  He said, “I’ll ask her if she wants to talk to you.” He started to laugh.

Ellen took the phone and I told her what Ari said. She laughed and said, “I did not know I had a choice.  I wish he had told me.”

Cuteness prevails in this family.