Without A Computer

I made the decision to get a new computer.  The one I had was over five years old.  I did not want to wait until it crashed.  And so I went shopping.

The first thing I told the salesperson was that I needed to know that I could transfer my Quickbooks and Word to the new computer.  She said that was easy to do.  Wrong.

It turned out to be impossible to do.  I had to buy a new Quickbooks and a new Office program.

In the meantime, my computer spent a good deal of time with the Geek Squad.  I was without it for over two days in totality.

Fortunately, I had taken the smart phone my daughter gave me a while ago, resistant as I was to giving up my flip phone.  I never use my mobile phone and did not feel there was a reason to change unless I was unable to board a plane without the boarding pass on my phone.

Without my computer, I was able to check emails.  And so, with underlying resentment and anxiety, I survived the time.  I will write about the adjustment to new technology next time.

I always thought I was not a dependent person.  Wrong there too.