My three-month old computer was malfunctioning.  The cursor decided what it wanted to write.  I took it to the Geek Squad and was told I would not have it for 17 days.  I had my former computer, but discovered the hard drive was gone.

I was without a computer.

I had my phone.  I got emails.  I saw Facebook.

For the most part, I read a lot during my spare moments.

After one week, I had a lot of activities on a Saturday.  Midday I went to San Francisco, picked up my daughter and went to my grandson Isaac’s soccer game.  After, Carrie and I went out for dinner.  When I took her home, I said, “I am exhausted.  I want to go home.”  As I pulled away, I was aware that I am never tired until I get into bed at night.

The next day I changed the bed, did laundry and cleaned the house, typical Sunday activities.  At times, I needed to sit down and do nothing.  I was tired and felt incapable of doing anything.  My thought: it is aging.  Finally, I am getting tired.

In the afternoon, I had an epiphany.  I was not tired; I was going through withdrawal.  I who have strong views about the use of technology and how it is replacing human interaction.

I ceased being tired with this awareness.

And, yes, my computer is back and I am on it all day long.