Dealing With Frustration

I was flying to Detroit.  My flight was leaving at midnight, a red eye.  My friend was picking me up at 7:30 am.  I took the only direct flight from Oakland to Detroit.  It was my first time on this airline, one many people avoid I heard.

The day of the flight I did not receive notice to check in, a message I always receive when I am flying.  I initiated the check in myself and was told more information was needed and I was directed to call a specific number.  I did so and was told there was a 75 minute hold before I could talk to a representative.  I did not have that amount of time available so I decided to check in at the airport.

At 7pm my husband got an email, not me, that the flight was cancelled.  He called and was on hold when I returned home from a meeting.  We both pursued the airlines on two different phones and on the internet.

Eventually I spoke with a person who told me the flight was cancelled because of weather.  My only option, given I was dedicated to reaching Detroit this weekend, was to take the same flight the next night.  I made the arrangement.

I called my friend in Detroit and informed her of the change.  She said the weather was ideal there.

My husband was angry at the whole situation: flight cancelled, blaming weather, waiting on two phones for what seemed like forever, and finally, on one phone, reaching a representative from the airline who insisted on speaking Spanish.  He does not.

I handled it differently.  I recognize when I have no control or options.  I let it go.

As I have said before, onward.