A Profound Connection

Last week I mentioned my two cancelled flights to Detroit to see my mother-in-law who is soon to be 100 years old.  I adore her.  I called her two days in a row to let her know each flight had been cancelled.

During our second call she told me that she was having a physical problem and had delayed treatment because of my visit.  She never will talk about her ailments.

She also told me that she had learned something from me in 1998 when I was in a very serious auto accident.  For a while it was not certain I would live.  Her recollection was that I decided to live and development an attitude to transcend and move on.  It worked for me.  She disclosed that there have been a few times when she remembers that motivation and has used it to move on herself.

The fact that this woman put all of that together touches me.

And then she said, “I want you to know that you are my daughter. You have been all along.”

I regret not seeing her yet, but the message was worth hearing.

Mutual value and connection.  Something I cherish.