Adapting To Summer

I am not surprised by a theme presented by many of my clients.  The summer brings a new schedule for the children which often means a new schedule for the parents.  Arranging to get the children to their activities and dealing with the children’s adjustment or lack of it to the activity produces frustration and stress for many.

I recall when my children were younger.  The end of the school year meant dance recitals, soccer or baseball banquets, graduation parties, and finalizing all school responsibilities.  I was worn out and eager for the summer break.  Once summer began, it was rearranging schedules to provide transportation to day camp or summer jobs or to friend’s houses or to the roller rink or to wherever.

It took me a month to acclimate and by the end of summer I was worn out by the schedule and ready for school to start.  School began and it was new schedules: getting to school, to jobs, to soccer, and adjusting to new teachers and subjects.  It took me a month to acclimate.

I finally accepted that the theme was repetitive.  I was worn out twice a year and acclimating two months a year.

We all adjusted and are still talking to each other.