Taking Care Of Someone

I recently took a weekend trip down to LA to visit Julie, my daughter.  Lately my knees have been uncomfortable and I will be beginning physical therapy in a couple of weeks.  I have mentioned this to her and am aware that I rarely talk about how I am doing physically.  I told her that walking up and down stairs tends to put the most stress on my knees.

There is an elevator in her apartment and over the weekend it failed to work on a few occasions.  She took immediate action calling the building manager and I discovered that she was very assertive, mentioning that I was visiting and she did not want me walking the stairs.  There were a few interventions that she took as the elevator was not reliable.

We went to a play downtown which meant parking underground.  As we walked to a restaurant and the theater, there were steps.  In each situation, she kept directing me to the elevator even though it was a longer walk, but did not require stairs.

Her care was very touching to me, though not surprising.  As a person who prefers not being taken care of, even when ill, she saved me from discomfort.

I hope I am attentive to others in the same way.

Thanks, TF.