Taking a Break

Today a client told me she is overwhelmed.  She works full time owning her own business.  She lives alone and does the housekeeping, cooking and shopping.  She is taking a significant exam to go back to school and needs to study.  She is on a special eating plan and has to prepare enough food on Sundays to last through the week.

We explored ways she could have a couple of hours away from these demands.  Hiking, swimming in a lake, taking a drive, having coffee with a friend.  It was not easy for her to focus on this and I am eager to hear what she did next week.

As she was departing, I told her that I had awakened during the night and discovered I was really looking forward to cleaning my house today.  It is a contrast to work and membership responsibilities.  I was going to be alone.  For me, having the time to do a regular task at my own pace and be able to visualize some of the results of my work, was something to look forward to.

She left concerned about me.  I did well.