Handling Technology

I have written before about my concerns about the massive presence of technology in our lives.  I have had a computer since the 1970’s.  I had a cell phone in the early 1990’s.  Having them does not mean I am well educated about them or that I know all of the ways I could use them in my life.  But, I am not new to the world of technology.  I am severely undereducated about it, for the most part, by choice.

My primary concern is about the diminishment of human interaction and vocal communication.  We talk less.  We spend less time with people.  That concerns me and I am curious to know the impact it is having on people.

A conversation about this occurred at one of my business groups.  One man said that when his children were at home, the parents asked that no phones or I-pads be brought to the table when they ate dinner.  He said that at times, one of the kids would begin to use their phone or I-pad and the parents would ask them to put it away.  Eventually, they found a way to address the issue.

When it was taken out, the child was told they would be washing dishes. That became the consequence.  The instruments disappeared.

I applaud this intervention.  Creative parenting.