Regretful Choice

I agreed to bake for a social event.  There will be about 40 people there, though the amount is not predictable.  I thought about what to prepare and decided that cookies would be a good choice.  Other desserts were not finger foods, and with other food being available at this event, I did not want people to have to take a plate and fork.

I looked through my recipe box for a recipe.  Favoring chocolate myself (in fact, being close to requiring it in a dessert), I looked for a cookie with chocolate.  I decided on a recipe that yields many cookies and they tend to hold well, not easily breakable.

As I participated in this process, I found myself moving to the refrigerator, opening the freezer, and taking out a container of cookies I have baked that I keep for guests.  Note that last word.

I took out a frozen cookie and ate one.

Doesn’t everyone do that?