When my mother died, it occurred to me that I never got recipes from the few things I liked that she made. Yep, she was not a good cook.

When my son moved into his first apartment in college, he asked me for two recipes, my spaghetti sauce and a cherry chicken dish.

Recently I went to his home for dinner.  He served a chili he had made.  It was unique and wonderful.  It was spicy, my preference, but my one grandson could not add enough sour cream to make it palatable.

One of my daughters told me she made the chili and loved it.  I told my son I was going to need to get the recipe.  My plan was to ask for it this week when I go there for dinner.

Today I spoke with my daughter who was eating it as we talked.  I told her my plan to get the recipe.  She said, I can send it to you now and will have it faster than waiting to ask Erik.

And so it goes, we return the favor over time.