My friend Robin and I met in San Francisco yesterday.  We decided to spend the day together having lunch and going to MOMA.   I took BART in and Robin drove from Napa.

I suggested we have lunch where I had gone with my daughter once near MOMA.  I was informed by Robin that this was her treat to celebrate my birthday.  She also gave me a lovely gift.

There was one exhibit I wanted to see, and Robin was interested in exploring the museum in general.  She loved the wall of green, being the expert gardener she is.  We walked through the photographs of Walker Evans and then went to see the Robert Rauschenberg exhibit.  I had seen the Evans one before and I thoroughly enjoyed the evolution of Rauschenberg’s works which was new to me.

I turned to Robin, who always eludes a lot of energy, and told her I was ready to end our journey.  I favor doing museums a little at a time.  Robin responded by saying she was ready to stop walking too.

I do verbalize my endings.  It turned out well again.